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  • BioInformatics
    An application of computer technology for managing biological information. Computers are used to collect, save, analyze and integrate genetic and biological information which can be used for drug discovery and productions.... Read
  • Dentistry
    Dentistry is a smiling career in the present scenario of professionalism. It is the demand of a child to adult till old-aged people. It is the need of a smiling lady to a teeth-less grandpa whose entire lifestyle can be changed by dentistry. ... Read
  • BCA--The Glocal Village
    BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications focuses on expandable knowledge in the key areas of computer technologies.... Read
  • Hotel Management
    Hotel management involves human resource development, inter personal skills. Hotels play a vital role in tourism industry. Hotel management ensures that all the foods, drinks, guests, decorations are smoothly managed in the hotel.... Read
  • Nursing as career
    Nursing is the collaborative care of individuals of all age, group, families, communities, sick or well and on all stage. Nursing deals with the welfare of health,physique, prevention of sickness, caring of people having disease or physical disability or illness or dying persons. ... Read
  • Aviation Industry
    Aviation is everything that flies; like aircrafts, blimps, helicopters, etc. Employment in military aviation is also very frequent nowadays. The mode of travel which a aircraft is providing including the carriers of passengers, and cargo falls under the applications of aviation.... Read
  • Software Industry
    Software engineering behaves as a platform that provides nutrition for your thoughts and your logic.The promising nature of software engineering makes it a interesting yet competitive profession for software engineers.In the present scenario, on an average a software engineer/developer earns more th... Read
  • Scopes of BioTechnology
    Biotechnology is the utilization of living organism to develop useful products, and it is usually use in agriculture, food production and medicine/drug production.Genetic engineering as well as cell and tissue culture technologies are some of the modern approach of it to fulfil human needs... Read
  • The Joy of MBA
    Want to pursue MBA? Go through the article which describes "How to Choose the best and suitable institute" among the B-School lists.... Read
  • MBA - Your Dream Comes True
    MBA courses emerged to a huge extent among the career aspirants. The Fresher’s can start new professional life with MBA and working professional can enhance their stagnant careers with the help of MBA.... Read
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