Software Industry
Ritam Atarthy
Software Engineer
Wide opportunities, range of options, good pay-scale is responsible for software engineering as a unique profession and career !

Software engineering behaves as a platform that provides nutrition for your thoughts and your logic. This unique and promising nature of software engineering makes it a interesting yet competitive profession for software engineers.
Companies like Microsoft, Tata Consultancy services, Cognizant, Infosys, etc holds the top ranks in the software industry while many other several companies are constantly in competition with each other to hold a better position in the techology world.

A basic classification of software :

Small and middle level companies choose their working domains and the technologies to earn projects and thus profits, while top level compnies uses almost all technologies and implements the most suitable one for the projects.
In the present scenario, on an average a software engineer/developer earns more than 2.5 lakhs/annum. Along with this, the more one gets experienced, the better he earns.

The combination of smart work, hard work and a creative mind can take one to the heights of desire and aspirations.

To get a kick start one needs to know the basics of programming languages and the will to know the depth of programming languages.To know about programming languages click here.

These was from the perspective of a Employee ! If you dare to think as a would be enterpreneur, then no other career is better for you. This is due to the very low investment to start working on. A laptop or a desktop with an internet connection is enough to kick for a start.Then the more you get knwledge, the better is your investment and growth.
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