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Ankush Nandy
Web Expert, MBA
Remember the clips from the movie Hackers(1995), where a small boy aged between 10-11 years old hacked as many as Government sites and stand stood New York Stock Exchange by making a total loss of ten thousand and five hundred and 70 dollar bucks only in one day. Even in reality we can find these types of extra talented children and students who have amazing technological skills and power who can make a revolution in this technological universe. We are now living in an era of internet and information know how where the modern technological applications plays a crucial role. For the past few years we can see number of people is more inclined towards the technological fields like computers and engineering. With this eagle’s eye many institutes and colleges are coming up with number of professional courses related to computer and technological applications. BCA is one of them.
Bachelor’s of Computer Applications (BCA) is a course where the students can aspire their career in the fields of computer with a view to arm the students with the most modern technological warfare’s. BCA course focuses on expandable knowledge in the key areas of computer technologies. It helps the students not in theoretical knowledge but also they can gain huge amount of practical knowledge. These courses are set up with the vision to develop the technological professionals who have ethical values and etiquettes and can work suitably in the company culture. BCA course laid the strong foundational base among the students in the areas of computer and technical aspects.

Eligibility criteria for admissions in BCA courses
There are number of colleges and universities in India who are offering the BCA course. But every colleges or universities have their own selection criteria for the admission in this course. Generally the various conditions mainly followed by the colleges and universities for admission in BCA course is as follows:-Must pass the 10+2 level exam with minimum 50% marks.
  • Should have Math’s, Physics and Science in + 2 exams.
  • Some colleges make their selection bases on merit wit Math’s as the compulsory subject in their 10 +2 level.
  • Must have a vocational certificate or minimum basic computer knowledge certificate in computer courses.
  • Entrance exam followed by Group Discussions and Personal interview.

Course Curriculum

The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three year degree course which can be further divided into mainly six semesters. The general pattern of the course followed by most of the BCA institutes is as follows:

  • VB
  • Oracle
  • Software engineering
  • System Design
  • Computer Organization
  • Lab Assignments
  • Database Management
  • Operation System
  • Data Communications and Networking
  • Basics of Statistics
  • Internet Programming etc.

Career Opportunities

For the past few years IT sector is booming and the dimensions of technological careers have been changed and the people are looking forward to change in this system which is rapidly exceling. Some of these applications are innovative in their own way and some are of technical expertise. After successful completion of BCA one can develop in the career related to software Programmers, System Administrator, Web Developer etc. Most of the institutes arranged campus interviews for their students so that the students can get their first job after their completion of the course. The company who hires the individuals looks for:-

  • Sound knowledge of computer and technological aspects.
  • Have in depth knowledge of the basic concepts and prime areas of computer applications
  • Good execution on the basic analytical approach using the computer application methods.
  • Grasp the things quickly and shows the result at various levels of software and web development.

The Opportunities for salaries and perks depends as per the company rules and the ongoing IT market. Due to same work culture the packages depends as per the candidate’s knowledge in theoretical as well as practical approach. The company hires fresher’s from campus interviews but mainly prefers experienced ones. So the students have to develop far beyond their potential if they have to get a job or maintain a job in this IT sector.

Distance Education in BCA
With the advancement of technology the IT sector is rapidly increasing. So more and more people wants to excel their career towards computer related fields. Many students have the dream of making their career in BCA. But there are people who fail in selection criteria or the entrance exam conducted by various BCA institutes. So for them many institutes come up to fulfill their dreams through distance learning mode. With the help of distance learning the students can get all the materials in their home where they have to complete the assignments and have to submit it within a specific date or have to sit for an examination selected by the institutes and have to pass. Some of the institutes offering BCA course are as follows:-
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Annamalai University
  • Bangalore University

Online BCA

The Internet has become another life to the Human Beings.  No one can think without Internet in this information age. With this mission and vision many institute rises to provide an online certificate or degree for the students or professionals to wants to add a feather in their career development path apart from their normal education. Even the big multinationals like Google are also providing online courses for the IT students. The main idea behind this is “earn while you learn”. Some of the Institutes providing online courses in BCA are:-
  • Institute of Chartered Telecom Professionals (CTP)
  • Dr. C.V. Raman University
  • Symbiosis Institute

Lastly, we can say as we are living in an universe of Technology and computers which has attained a important position in our daily lives the professional Courses like BCA is slowly becoming ‘Glocal Village’ among the students.
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