Priyanka Dey
Medical Student
Dentistry is a smiling career in the present scenario of professionalism. It is the demand of a child to adult till old-aged people. It is the need of a smiling lady to a teeth-less grandpa whose entire lifestyle can be changed by dentistry.

Well, initiating a talk about need of dentistry..we’ll discuss each & every phase of human life here & the need,uses,& scope of dentistry in that particular era of life.

Starting with a new-born baby. Pediatric dentistry : branch of dentistry that deals with children plays a major role at this stage of human life. A new-born child can have many problems like cleft-lip & cleft-palate,nursing bottle caries, thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting etc. A pediatric dentist is needed in such a case for the disease treatment,casuality,management&its prevention.

Coming to adolescence, a number of diseases like dental caries, developmental disorder,cyst,tumours,fractureetc & a lot many come into effect. Many branches of dentistry comes into focus at this stage. The very much in demand Conservative & Endodontic department fulfills all the need of a person who wants to save their teeth to much extent. People concerned with aesthetics are also stuck to this department only for bleaching & whitening of their teeth. Various restorations & fillings are done to restore the integrity of natural teeth. Oral surgery department comes into role in cases of extraction of teeth, any kind of jaw fracture, or if any cyst removal is needed. Oral medicine & radiology department is needed at each level to watch out the progression of disease & its cure. The youth of today is all focused on its look & cannot compromise with uneven teeth placement in their oral cavity. Orthodontic dentistry is all the need of such patients. The magic of wires & tools plays on with the teeth & can change a total outlook of a person. Periodontal dentistry is the need of approximately every adult & even old age people who have problems like stains, calculus, bad odour, bleeding gums etc.

Last remains the prosthodontics department that is the prior need of the last stage of human life cycle i.e. old age. Due to the shedding of few or all the teeth old people run to a prosthodontist for their teeth replacement so that they can live a normal life & enjoy the taste of food & life. Dental implants is one of the drastic advances of prosthodontic department. Old age people generally suffer with cancer whose treatment is governed by the oral surgeons. These days Forensic dentistry is also in demand due to increasing crime cases these days. The bite marks, lip prints etc. are much helpful in the justice in criminal cases.

Dealing each stage of life with different branches of dentistry here doesn’t mean that these branches have limitations to what I presented here. It is just a glance of the increasing demand & need of dentistry in every step of a human life. One can never be assured of this that he/she can never have any dental issue. Dental pain is considered to be one of the greatest degree of pain that you cannot bear until you meet your dentist. Dentistry shines up your life & it is safer zone of profession where you don’t have to deal with risks of the life of patients. You simply relieve the patient & earn a satisfaction that is beyond explanation.
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