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Bioinformatics : an application of computer technology for managing biological information. Computers are used to collect, save, analyze and integrate genetic and biological information which can be used for drug discovery and productions. A mixture of molecular biology with computer science, called Bioinformatics is essential understanding and detecting many human diseases. Bioinformatics is also used for the identification of new molecular targets for drug invention. Assessment and mixing the human genome through bioinformatics has been one of the greatest achievements of biotechnology.
The main aim of bioinformatics is to understand the biological processes and pattern recognition, data mining, machine learning algorithms, and visualization.

Every human has his/her unique DNA strand which contains its genetic information and by identifying this genetic information one can trace the generation links and find the root of genetic diseases. Bioinformatics is a very helpful concept in this purpose. Eventually, bioinformatics provides that help in interlinking information from different fields and leads to quick results.

Bioinformatics uses several software tools like : Java, XML, Perl, C, C++, Python, R, MySQL, SQL, CUDA, MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, etc.


A bachelor's or master's degree in any branch of Engineering, Computers, Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Medicine,Veterinary, Agriculture or other Life sciences with minimum of 55% marks can go for a promising career in Bio Informatics.The vastness of genetics and I.T has made Bioinformatics a rapidly-growing field all over the world. So, one can pursue a career in Bioinformatics and grab good employment opportunities in biomedical industry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and research institutions.
Students and professionals belonging from Biology,Chemistry or computers background can hold good career opportunities in Bioinformatics.
Educational degrees available in Bioinformatics are :- B.Tech, B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Tech, Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics,etc.


SOAP and REST-based applications making and enhancing the Client-Server concepts are developed for a variety of bioinformatics applications. Apps running on one computer in one part of the world connects algorithms, data and computing resources on servers in other parts of the world. This gives the advantages from the fact that end users do not have to deal with software and database maintenance overheads. A researcher can connect to several running apps to enhance his app and not indulging into re-creation of created apps and re-collection of collected data.

Bioinformatics provides with several research fields
  • Image analysis,
  • Framing biological systems,
  • Protein structure predictions,
  • Designing life saving drugs,
  • Discovery of drug synthesis,
  • Protein structure assessment,
  • DNA Sequence analysis,
  • Evolutionary biology,
  • Assessment of gene expression,
  • Analysis of protein structures,
  • Mutations and cancer,
  • Genomics comparisons,

Companies Working on Bio Informatics
Due to the vastness of genetics, evolution and future predictions, a career in bioinformatics offers good prospects.

Company Career Link
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bioWORLD career
Dr Reddy\'s Laboratories Limited career
Ranbaxy career
Biocon/syngene/clingene career
Accelrys career
Reliance Life Sciences career
Labvantage career
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