Aviation Industry
Shatabdi Chakraborty
Language & Literature Mentor
Aviation is a term which includes science and technology, operation of flight through air. Aviation is actually described as the world of aircrafts, surrounding the people who are involved in manufacturing the aircraft, repairing the aircraft, or develops design of different machineries. Aviation is everything that flies; like aircrafts, blimps, helicopters, etc. Employment in military aviation is also very frequent nowadays. The mode of travel which a aircraft is providing including the carriers of passengers, and cargo and the total transportation system falls under the applications of aviation.

 Eligibility Criteria for enrolling in Aviation courses

You can opt for a aviation course if you have science stream in XII th grade with 50% aggregate marks individually in Physics, Chemistry, Maths from a recognized board.

Minimum age for opting this course is 17years, and one after exceeding 24 years cannot apply for this course.

Courses of Aviation offered in India
  1. Aviation Safety Training Instructor
  2. Flight Attendant
  3. Flight Deck Checker
  4. Pilot Training in Indian Aviation
  5. Commercial Pilot Training 
  6. Aircraft Management and Engineering
  7. Cabin Crew and In Flight Services
  8. Air Hostess

Top Aviation Institues

  1. Starworks Aviation, Hyderabad
  2. Avalon Academy, Bangalore
  3. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Mumbai
  4. Kingfisher Training Academy, Mumbai
  5. Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Pune
  6. Pune Institute Of Aviation Technology, Pune

Nature of Work

In the Aviation industry nature of work is differs for different types of work and posts a man holds. A pilot or an air hostess is most advertised,  but there are other equally lucrative options also open in the aviation industry. Those who choose it as of a career in aviation sector,they have plenty of option to surf out for apart from the common ones. From customer support, ticket reservation, transportation of perishable cargo, regulation of traffic to cargo reservations, aviation administration and cockpit resource management, the aviation sector offers plenty of job opportunities.

Airline Companies
The following list of companies in India offers various jobs in the aviation sector: -
  1. Indian Airlines
  2. Kingfisher Airlines
  3. Haytrans I Pvt Ltd
  4. Flywell Aviation Pvt Ltd
  5. Deccan Airlines
  6. SRC Aviation, Panda Logistics Ltd
  7. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bird Group
  8. Trans Asian Aviation
  9. Varman Aviation Pvt Ltd
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