The Joy of MBA
Ankush Nandy
Web Expert, MBA

According to Oxford Dictionary – Career is a “course or progress through life (or distinct portion of life)”. Career is a profession which includes formal education, and special training for an individual’s lifework. The term ‘Career’ comes from French word ‘carriere’ which in turn comes from Latin word ‘cararia’(track for wheeled vehicles).

In today’s economic scenario the competition is more fierceful, no body gives space to anybody whether it comes to education, career or jobs. For this reason everyone tries to upgrade their educational qualifications by various degrees to fit themselves in this professional market, MBA is one of them.

The Degree Master of Business Administration --- MBA not only opens the door to the individual’s professional career and job but also makes a hairline difference of securing a second job. MBA is the most important credential that can make an individual to touch the sky limit with an ample amount of time. It also helps an individual to show the proper direction or goal in his/her career path, the steps in management ranking, prepared to take future Entrepreneurial risks. The person can apply his/her Theoretical knowledge into a practical one with the help of MBA by logical and analytical thinking based on corporate level strategy. An individual can able to create a global business network channel of human resources through the help of MBA.

To study MBA is one of the toughest decisions one has to make. With numerous business schools emerging one to carefully research the most appropriate institute suitable for him that meet his/her personal and career oriented requirements. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Institute with a proven Placement record.
  • Goodwill or Brand Image of the Institution.
  • Highly Qualified faculties.
  • Specializations offered by the Institutions.
  • Students profile.
  • Institute rankings published in various journals or magazines.
  • Course fees.
  • Scholarships for meritorious students.
  • The duration of the course.
In recent years, MBA has been developing in a great extent both locally and national wide. Central Govt. and State Govt. innovate new ideas for the development of MBA courses and its importance. They are also Including Business ethics and social Entrepreneurship in MBA curriculum so that every individual can feel the joy of MBA. 
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