Competitive(s) - Struggle for Existence
Amit Pandey
Software Engineer

Along with food, cloth and shelter, competition is another necessity in today's world. A 2 ½ years old child is sent to preschool to learn social etiquette. Though they grow their logical thinking but are exposed to the competitive world after 12-15 years i.e after qualifying for the higher-secondary classes and exams. Failure in these situations leads to compromising with their dreams. Thus for getting into the high competitive stage of life, getting exposed and acquainted to various national level tests is very important from the basic stage of education career. Students are able to understand their strengths and weaknesses compared to the rest of their competitors. Parents and teachers could take proper steps to cope up with the student's proper educational and competitive growth. Exams like National Talent Science Exam by Unified Council (NTSE), Olympiads, etc aims at the reasoning, thinking skills of a student. These exams help parents/teachers to find out their child's/student's mental growth. Below are some exams with the links for students from 7 years age to 15 years age.

National Talent Science Exam by Unified Council (NTSE) :- this exam can initiate a good start for doing well in Higher Secondary examinations like AIEEE, GRE, AFMC, IIT-JEE, AIIMS, WBJEE,etc :-   

Olympiads :- Science Olympiads aims at creating a passion for learning science. It organizes elementary and secondary Science Olympiad tournaments at levels starting from building through state, county and national levels with an motive to enhance teamwork and a dedication to excellence. :-


Assessment of scholastic skills through educational testing  :- A skill-based and scientifically designed assessment test. Through multiple-choice questioning, it aims on measuring SKILL and CONCEPT development of a student.
Get the ASSET brochure from here.
Learn more about ASSET :- 

Apart from the above mentioned exams there are many other exams in which the competition level is high, since they are conducted globally. I would provide the description of those exams in next post. You can feel free to post your queries in the comment section below.

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