Taslima Nasrin - One of the universal bravest Woman

Language & Literature Mentor

Nasrin was born in 1962 in the town of MymenSingh of Bangladesh. Her father Rajib Ali was a physician.

In her early career she was a gynecologist by profession. While practising medicine she often encountered cases where raped and early aborting girls came, often she heard wives crying in despair for giving birth to girl child. This gender inequality provoked and created zeal to make herself an author.

  1. Lojja(Shame): After her first awakening novel Lojja she had to suffer many physical threats. She made the Muslims furious and they called for a ban on her novels. In 1993 she also received a threat of death by a Council of Islamic Soldiers.
  2. Nirbashito Narir Kobita(Poems of a woman from Exile): She had to leave Bangladesh after receiving many death threats. She was granted citizenship by Swedish Government. She was not even allowed to visit Bangladesh when her parents were on their death bed; still the brave, rational girl did not stopped composing poems. European Government also awarded her with Shakarov Prize in 1994, for her honest approach and freedom of speech. 
  3. Amar Meyebela(My girlhood) : This novel was published in 2002. It was the first volume of her memoir, but due to her over-realistic approach and her truth-telling capability against Islam, this book was banned. The sequential of this book was also banned by the Bangladesh Government.
Utul Hwa(wild wind), Ka (say!); Sei Sob Ondhokar(All those dark days ) were banned. Yet, she continues to publish more volumes, and later on all seven volumes including ‘Ami bhalo nei tumi theko priyo desh’, ‘Nei Kichu nei’ and ‘nirbashite’ were published by People’s Book Society, Kolkata. She also received Anando Award for Amar Meyebela.

Reference : Wikipedia

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