Stress Managment - Need of Generation
Shilpi Chakraborty
Science Teacher

Stressed??  Relax and Manage !

The hustle and bustle of the city life took us to that extent where we look out for ways to escape this malicious affect of stress. Its merely a dream now to live a stress free life. Stress is that social evil which we must terminate from our life, yet we pursue all the reasons which can cause it. Ironical.. isn't it ?

So stress management nowadays is a concern for everyone. Some of the best therapies of stress management can surely be

Regular Yoga & Daily meditation?
Meditation and exercise inculcate freshness in our body and mind, generates interest at work thereby causing relief from stress.
Laughing classes, Hobbies & Sports
Hobby and sports gives us a chance to change ourselves from the permanent worth to a sort of interest and entertainment.
Rational thinking
Rational thinking encourages to do work on time as well as to give stress free life.
Music reviews our hidden energy gives energy to the mind relaxation to the body and consciousness to work and this helps us to erase stress from our life forever.
Time Management
Time management is doing things punctually. Not doing things on time becomes over burden to a person.

Stress comes from the problem which exist in life, all problems can be sorted out by our self.
The less stressed you are, the more focused you can be with your work and profession.
Above all, it can definitely be said that stress is an inevitable circumstance with remedies hidden within us only.

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