Bower Grunt Quiz

Q.You have added a new dependency some time in the middle of the project. How do you get this new dependency shared across with everyone in the team

  • Use commit option. This gets committed to the repository
  • Use cache list to reproduce the new dependency to others
  • Use --save option. The dependency gets added to the .json file which can be distributed to others

Q.Bower can be used as a package manager for both server side and client side applications.

  • False
  • True

Q.When the dependencies are added through bower, how do you refer them in your HTML / CSS etc. code?

  • Execute 'bower path' and pick the path of the dependencies for inclusion
  • Provide the path of the dependency from Git
  • Execute 'bower list -path' and pick the path of the dependencies for inclusion

Q.Your project uses angular 1.2.26. However you would like to override this version for specific needs with angular 1.3. Which option in the bower.json file allows you to use to do so?

  • "angular": "angularjs#^1.2.26"
  • "angular": "angularjs#~1.2.26"
  • "angular": "angularjs#*1.2.26"

Q.What happens if the following is executed? 'bower install jquery --save-dev'

  • Will install jquery and add to bower.json devDependencies
  • Will install jquery and add to bower.json dependencies
  • Will fail since the save-dev option is invalid

Q.You are trying to install a particular jQuery version 1.9.15 using bower install angular. What happens to the installation? ( Hint - jQuery 1.9.15 is not a valid version )

  • Errors out saying 'No tag found that was able to satisfy 1.9.15'
  • Installs latest version of jQuery since 1.9.15 is not a valid version
  • Installs the version closest to jQuery 1.9.15 successfully and adds the needed files under bower_components

Q.Can multiple dependencies be installed or uninstalled?

  • No
  • Yes

Q.Where are the added dependencies stored by bower?

  • package.json
  • bower_components
  • Project Dependency folder

Q.When does bower.json get created?

  • When a dependency is installed, both bower_components and bower.json get created
  • When bower is installed, bower.json automatically gets created
  • bower.json gets created when 'bower init' is run

Q.How do you get the latest version of the dependencies as per the json file installed?,

  • Use bower update
  • Execute "bower update all"
  • Execute "bower update"

Q.Grunt runs tasks using Temporary files which are disk I/O operations.

  • False
  • True

Q.Bower was introduced by engineers at:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • FaceBook
  • Twitterd

Q.The following code is used to install protractor npm install -g protractor with jasmine

  • Grunt
  • Globally

Q.Protractor is built on top of

  • E2EJS
  • TestDriverJS
  • TesterJS
  • WebDriverJS

Q.This will act as a type of documentation because it describes the expected behavior of the functions and modules.

  • BlackBox Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • E2E testing
  • Integration Testing

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