Mongo DB - Quiz

From the following _____ is a NOSQL Database Type

  • Document databases
  • sgl server
  • oracle

In MongoDB _____ sorting is not supported

  • heap
  • collection
  • collation

From the following ______ is the simplest NOSQL databases

  • Document database
  • Key-value pair
  • Wide-column

________ is the method used to limit the records in MongoDB.

  • pretty()
  • Limit()
  • find()
  • sort()

_____ is the command in mongodb that is equivalent of SQL's truncate.

  • db.col.remove()
  • db.col.truncate()
  • db.col.delete()
  • All the options

Which of the following is not a stage in Pipeline aggregation?

  • $order
  • $group
  • $match
  • $Project

Find the correct syntax to calculate aggregate values for the data in a collection.

  • All the options
  • db.collection.pipeline
  • db.collection.agg()
  • db.collection.aggregate()

Column in SQL terminology is in MongoDB.

  • document
  • collection
  • field
  • column

Which is the command-line tool that can view database activity by monitoring network traffic going to and from MongoDB?

  • mongotop
  • mongosniff
  • mongooplog
  • mongofiles

MongoDB is written in which language?

  • C
  • c++
  • JAVA
  • .net

mongoimport is a tool in mongodb, which is used to ______.

  • imports all the data from one collection to another
  • imports all the data from one database to another database
  • import content from an Extended JSON, CSV, or TSV export created by mongoexport
  • import all the MongoDB data from one format to another format

Which of the following can be an interactive shell for mongoDB?

  • mongo
  • bsondump
  • mongod
  • All the options

Which is the format of document supported by Mongo?

  • BSON
  • XML
  • SQL
  • All the options

Which of the following data type is not used in MongoDB?

  • String
  • Value
  • Date
  • ObjectID

What does the following $slice query return using the following command? {}, { comments: { $slice: [ -100, 5 ] } } )

  • beginning with the last, returns 100 comments
  • beginning with the last 100 items, returns 5 comments
  • beginning with the first 100 items, returns 5 comments
  • beginning with the first, returns 100 comments

Suppose we have Store collection that contains more than 1000 documents. What does the following command do?

  • Return first fifteeen documents
  • return null documents
  • skip the first fifteen documents and return next fifteen
  • skip the first fifteen documents and return next sixteen document fifteen times

Which collection maintains insertion order and behaves like a circular queue once specified size has reached?

  • secondary Index
  • primary Index
  • capped Collection
  • All the options

Which is the easy way to find the storage engine currently used in MongoDB?

  • db.serverStatus()
  • db.serverStatus(.storageEngine
  • db.server().storageengine
  • db.storageengine()

Which is the command-line tool used to provide a method to keep track of the amount of time a MongoDB instance spends reading and writing data?

  • mongooplog
  • mongosniff
  • mongotop
  • mongofiles

Cursors in MongoDB default returns _____ number of documents to Mongoshell.

  • 16
  • 20
  • 256
  • All the options

Documents in MongoDB are stored in _____.

  • Rows
  • String
  • Collections
  • Table

Which tool can write data from a binary database dump created by mongodump to a MongoDB instance?

  • mongosupport
  • All the options
  • mongorestore
  • mongofiles

Which network library does mongosniff requires?

  • Wirecap
  • Wcap
  • None of the options
  • Libpcap

_____ storage engine supports document level concurrency model.

  • wiredTiger
  • MMAPV1
  • in-memory
  • All the options

Which is the data type used by capped Collection?

  • map
  • tree
  • stack
  • circular Queue

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