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In MongoDB, these are used to index array data. Choose the correct option(s).

  • Mutikey Index
  • Compound Index
  • All the Options
  • Single Field Index

Which of the following method is used to create Index in MongoDB?

  • db.ensurelndex()
  • All the Options
  • db.getIndexes()
  • db.initatelndex()

Which is the Index used for multiple fields?

  • Single Field Index
  • All the Options
  • Compound Index
  • Mutikey Index

Which of the following will help to identify long running queries?

  • db.collectionname.find().explain()
  • db.killop()
  • db.currentOp()

The chunk operations performed on background is _____.

  • None of the options
  • Split and desplit
  • Spliting and balancing
  • Balancing and Indexing

The command returns a document that provides an overview of the database's state.

  • explain()
  • hit()
  • ServerStatus()
  • hint()

Choose the operations that can be captured by database profiler?

  • All the Options
  • Cursor Operations
  • Read operations
  • Write operations

Which of the following in MongoDB is a system that can help identify inefficient queries and operations?

  • Profiler
  • Executer
  • Reporter

In MongoDB,_____ helps to synchronize data across multiple servers.

  • Sharding
  • Replication
  • Indexes

Find the correct answer from the following in the absence of Primary, replica set cannot accept this operations.

  • write
  • read and write
  • read

Identify the index type that supports searching for string content in a collection.

  • Compoundkey indexes
  • Multikey indexes
  • Singlekey indexes
  • Text Indexes

Which of the following is a capped collection?

  • All the Options
  • system.profile
  • system.index
  • system.replica

Find the command that forces MongoDB to use a particular index for a db.collection.find() operation.

  • hit()
  • hint()
  • explain()

In MongoDB, these are used to index array data.

  • Compound Index
  • Mutikey Index
  • Single Field Index

Mongo client will generate _____ command to initiate a new replica set.

  • rs.initiate()
  • rs.status()
  • rs.conf()
  • db.isMaster()

Which is the method used in MongoDB to Grant user?

  • db.grantRole()
  • db.grantToUser()
  • db.grantRolesToUser()
  • All the Options

In MongoDB, _______ is the operator limits the contents of an array field from the query.

  • $Match
  • $elemMatch
  • $slice

Which of the following will control the amount of logging output that mongod writes to the log?

  • systemLog.verbosity
  • operationProfiling.mode
  • operationProfiling.slowOpThresholdMs

Find a technique of splitting up a large collection among multiple servers.

  • Replication
  • Sharding
  • Indexes

Which is the method in MongoDB that removes one or more roles from a user on the current database.

  • db.revokeRoles()
  • All the Options
  • db.revokeRolesUser()
  • db.revokeRolesFromUser()

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