ReactJS Quiz

Q.Lifecycle methods are mainly used

  • to enhance components
  • To keep track of event history
  • freeup resources

Q.Event handling in React is more similar to Event handling in DOM.

  • False
  • True

Q.In React state can be accessed using ________.

  • this.state
  • this.state()
  • state.current()
  • None of these

Q.React keeps track of what items have changed, been added, or been removed from a list using ________.

  • props
  • state
  • ref
  • keys

Q.Which lifecycle event is invoked before rendering and when new props or state are being received?

  • shouldComponentUpdate()
  • render()
  • Updaterender()

Q.We can declare special methods on the component class to run some code when a component mounts and unmounts.

  • False
  • True

Q.Two building blocks of ReactJS are ______________.

  • Components and Elements
  • Keys and Lists
  • Props and State

Q.React covers __________ layer of the app.

  • Control
  • View
  • Model

Q.Function that does not change its results for the same set of inputs are called __________.

  • Impure Function
  • Pure Function

Q.React uses _____________ syntax.

  • LowerCase
  • UpperCase
  • CamelCase

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