RESTful Web Services Quiz

Q.Rest is web standards based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol for Data Communication

  • False
  • True

Q.Physical Identity can be used for two factor authentication

  • False
  • True

Q.Full form of DDD wrt Microservice

  • Data Dependent Design
  • Domain Driven Design

Q.We can limit access to specific http verbs of webapi methods

  • False
  • True

Q.HTTP Status Code for CONFLICT

  • 407
  • 401
  • 409

Q.Best Practise for caching RESTful Services

  • Dynamic content should be cached for few hours only
  • Always keep static content with expiry date 2 to 3 days
  • All of these

Q.HTTP Status Code for OK

  • 204
  • 401
  • 200

Q.HTTP Status Code for NOT MODIFIED,used to reduce Network bandwidth usage for GET request

  • 201
  • 204
  • 304

Q.HTTP Status Code for Internal Server Error

  • 409
  • 500

Q.Which is the correct about URI in RESTful services

  • Purpose of URI is locate a resources on server hosting Web Services
  • Each resources of the REST Architecture is identified by URI
  • Both of the above

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