Schools in India
"How Rabindra Nath Tagore, the famous writer & poet completed his education through home schooling." Though Indian Government permits home schooling but Since that time, schooling has undergone a lot of change in india.

Present Scenario

Education has become an elementary need like food, shelter,clothes. The intervention of technology and globalization into Indian Education system has led to drastic change in the system. The Central Boards like CBSE, ICSE, NOU,etc has opened up a lot of technical savvy schools allover india.
Along with them, the state boards has started and is on the way of a mission "Education for all" i.e sarva shiksha abhiyan.

Age wise Schooling classification in India

Age (in years) School levels 
2.5+  Pre-School 
3.5+ Kinder Garden
5+ Secondary 
16+ Higher Secondary 
18 and above Graduation and post graduation


 Schools And Technology
The Indian education system has now made Computer Education as a mandatory subject in the syllabus. Along with it many technology enabled classes remarked as digital interactive education are being introduced in several schools.

Online Examinations and career tracking is being implemented in almost most of the schools and colleges. EduForum Test Center, one of the best and FREE Online exam platform is extensively used in many Indian Institutes.
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