Typography Quiz

Q.A stroke that joints two other letter parts is called as

  • bowl
  • ear
  • Link

Q.Serif strokes help to lead the eye while reading a sentence.

  • False
  • True

Q.Leading is the space between two letters

  • true
  • False

Q.Different typefaces with the same point size can have different x-heights

  • true
  • False

Q.A lone word at the end of a block of text is called as

  • widow
  • orphan

Q.Which text alignment has the text takes shape of a concrete object?

  • Classification Clustering
  • Justified
  • Concrete

Q.The physical means used to create a typeface in the real world is called as

  • Font
  • FontFace
  • TypeFace

Q.A curving stroke of 'S' is called as

  • Link
  • Spine

Q.___' is the space between letters and varies per character to create a comfortable looking typography.

  • Kerning
  • Leading
  • Tracking

Q.The angle formed at the bottom of a letter when strokes meet is called as

  • Filial
  • Vertex
  • crest

Q.The fonts that have a small stroke at the end of main horizontal or vertical stroke is called as

  • San Serif
  • Serif

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