5 Movies which taught how education system should actually be
Shatabdi Chakraborty
Language & Literature Mentor
  1. Sari umra hum mar mar ke jee liye:-
    3 Idiots- this movie unfolds the real concepts behind mugging up stuffs and how peer pressure of education can spoil the mental peace of a student. 

  2. Every Child is special: - The movie Taare Zameen par gave a very vivid picture that every student is not the same. Parents and teachers must not choose the path of punishment always whereas they can be a little supportive towards the child. Some little care and attention can change a child's future.

  3. Once a liar, always a liar: - Parents often compel to their kids to reach a position which they themselves failed to fulfill. The movie F.A.L.T.U shows such a dramatic event, where the children chose the path of falsehood just to fulfill the expectation of their parents. They could never share their capabilities with their parents because they know, they will be misjudged.

  4. Masti ki Pathshala:- School should be a place where one should grow interests to learn new things, but the schools nowadays have no room for fun, no extracurricular activities, therefore caught in the web of commercialization, students could not take up the pressure, and chaos breaks out. This particular movie Paathshaala shows a simple thought that an education system should consist of both educational and co-curricular activities to develop the skills of children.

  5. Let’s make a change (Chalo Paltai!) :- A Bengali fiction which depicts how only a parent can understand what’s cooking on a child’s head, and how one can take care of that. The movie gives a vivid description how parents should interpret a child’s psychology and make a change of techniques or tactics about growing them up. 

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