Education for life NOT life for Education
Shatabdi Chakraborty
Language & Literature Mentor

With the increase in globalization, there is a huge mass of increase in our materialistic wants. We crave more and more and this is a lifelong never-ending endeavour. Even students are not spared from this race. From a very early age they are made involved in the competitive game, they learn to achieve more and more in life. But many a often, child's immature brain fails to understand the situation. They get stressed out for this education system and often commits crime like suicide, killing themselves.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) almost 1 million suicide takes place per year, in a rate of 13/ lac, in global population of 8 millions. The peer pressure of education falls so heavy on them, that they sometimes loses the control to think rationally about it. 40 % of the students committing suicide is between the age of 15 to 29 and almost 65 % of them are women. It is observed that there occurs a high rate of suicide among the literate people. In 2012, 84 % of literate people committed suicide,while 19 % of illiterate people did the same. In a statistics it is found that from 2001-2004, almost 137000 pupils committed suicide.

Indians has the most highest rate of suicide cases. Parents should be more aware to handle such circumstances. Students should share their problems and difficulties with elders and parents and teachers should not pressurize students to that extent where they are unable to compete. One should always remember that education is important to have a successful life but 'life' is a precious gift from God and one should preserve it at any cost.


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