How to remove the saved server names and username from sql server
Ritam Atarthy
Software Engineer
Whenever you login into database server through management studio the server name and username gets saved automatically. Management studio does this for future DBA's/Developer's/Programmer's logging in reference .

The screenshots below shows how sql server management studio saves database info :-

Now you might require to delete the saved credentials.
To delete the Credentials :

  • Go to the file location in the Windows 7 system's hard drive :-
    C:\Users\pablo *\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Shell
    Note :- (*)  is subject to change according to the login name by which you logged into windows.

  • The directory should contain a file named as SqlStudio.bin
  • Delete the file and you having successfully removed the Saved Server names and usernames from your SQL Server Management Studio. 
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