Restore Database by Database publishing Wizard in SQL Server 2008R2
Ritam Atarthy
Software Engineer

The project database design is complete, data entered, etc in local/development server and is now ready to Go Live or is needed to transfer to another database server.
Taking a backup of the present database and restoring it to another database is the most frequently used way of doing so. But Hosting providers like GoDaddy doesnot allows restoring database this way. Here is the solution to restore a database with data.

Restore database Using Microsoft® Database Publishing Wizard

  1. Open the Sql server Management studio. 
  2. Login to the Sql server either by Windows authentication or sql server authentication.
  3. Now the list of Databases is populated.
  4. Now Right Click on the database Instance >> Tasks >> Generate Scripts
  5. This opens a new database publishing window.
  6. Select the second option i.e “Select specific databse objects” >> Select All. And Click on Next.
  7. On clicking NEXT the following window opens. Now set the scripting options, by selecting the file location.
  8. Click on the Advanced Button which opens a new window like below.
    Select version of destination sql server and the types of data to script to “Schema and Data”. Then click Ok >> Next.
  9. Now the Scripting summary looks like below :
  10. Click on Next and the scripting starts and a file gets saved in the specified location.
  11. Click on Finish. The database with all the data Is now scripted into the .sql file.
    Now connect with the destination sql server client and run the total sql script. You have successfully restored your database to another database without using backup(.bak) file.
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