10 nostalgia every bong has about Durga Pujo
Shatabdi Chakraborty
Language & Literature Mentor
We bongs are generally gened as emotional and sentimental race, and when it comes to Durga Pujo one forgets every other things rather than enjoying it to its lease. Pujo means happiness, friends, family time, hangouts, gossips and fun. But why this occasion have a major impact in a Bongs’s life, lets find it out...

Shiuli and kash

The arrival of pujo is marked by the beautiful aura of shiuli flowers, it is the seasonal flower of autumn. The floating clouds, the blue sky and kash flowers all this reminds us that its time for "Sholoana Bangaliyana Durga puja".

Notun jamakapor (new dress)

The first thing pops in our mind about pujo is Shopping. Trust me girl! this is the time your parents will not rebuke you for getting a pretty black dress, or a pair of denim.


However late riser you are , being a bong you will always manage to get up at 4'o clock to listen to the aired auspicious mahalaya (The anecdote of Goddess Durga) by BIrendra Krishna Vadra.


Durga pujo remind us about the mouth watering dishes and sweets. How much dieting you do for the whole year , you forget all that in the name of"pathar mangsho" , "nadu" and "nimkis".

Yarron ke saath

Pujo means meeting old friends, having the old addas with them, wandering with them and loads of fun.

Char dino ka pyar o rabba

Every single person enjoys full freedom of little romance,eye contacts and catchy winks and frivolous flirts at this time, its like this period is seasonal for all this sweet childish things.


A very auspicious occasion of Durga puja is pushpanjali, the fasting and offering to God. being a bong one waits for the Mahashmati pushpanjali.

Dhunuchi nach

This is a special form of dance placing a mud pot at the tip of mouth, it is performed during the puja, espcially in the evening combined with Dhak( trumpet).

Pandal hopping

Lights, decorations, themed idol are the main attraction of Durga puja. Hopping different pandals and gossiping and critiquing about them to your friends and family is all that you can want at that time.

Sindur khela aar Bhasaan Dance

The sweetness of a bong woman is revealed in this event of Sindur khela, where married women prays for long and healthy life of their families,the plays with the vermillion powder and with those red-bordered white sarees, they seems so sugar coated.
However bad dancer you are, no one can resist their moves when the Dhak is blown and one is going for immersion. You will always find a unique bhasan style dance among the bengalis.

Thus with the name of Durga Pujo every bengali's heart fills with joy and happiness.

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