The church policy of Charlemagne
Tanusree Sarkar Saha
History Professor
Charlemagne was the pioneer of controlling Church, Bishops, Monasteries of Frunkian empire. Being a little educated fellow, he was deeply conscious about the responsibilities of te church. He brought distinct significant changes of the central and provincial churches. These are:-

1. He re-established the extent of supremacy of the early aesthetic churches
2. He established two new Arch Bishopric like Meinz and Calon
3. He established a new Bishopric like Salzburg
4. He restored the supremacy of Bishops in respective places
5. He uplifted the moral and ethical values of the provincial rulers of the then period

                He declared the decisions adapted in religious conferences as ‘Religious Laws’. He often organised religious conferences in different places where he quested for disciplinary methods, unity and dignity. He requested to Pope Herdian to follow rituals of Roman church in Frunk church and he himself also he himself attempted that.
Charlemagne  was the supreme power of Frunk church and he brought all Frunkian church under his control. He was also always the first to look after the election of the post of priest and bishops of frunkian churchs. He greatly bereaved the Christian religious ethics. He also controlled the moral values of his people. Though all his act irritated the pope yet he was unable to stand against it. Queen Irin announced a religious conference to denote idol and symbols in eastern Roman empire. But Charlemagne disobeyed the decisions which was adopted in that conference because none of the representatives of Charlemagne’s empire was invited in that conference. Charlemagne organised “Libri Carolini’ conference in reply of “Nicaea Conferene”. He declared God cannot be worshipped in idols. People will stoically resign to the  shapeless Almighty God. He believed it should be controlled by king because it was a part of imperial organisation. To spread his this very thought he declared different organisation.

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